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  • Fantasy Affairs Board Game

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Fantasy Affairs Board Game




h3Fantasy Affairs/h3lt;br /Fantasy Affairs centers game play around various affair scenarios. Perhaps it is the housewife who yearns to seduce her handyman, or the worked up strip club patron eager to have a private performance. Whatever your secret fantasies are or can become, Fantasy Affairs/strong offers you a safe, creative, and sexually satisfying way to embrace them with your /lt;br /The most unique element of this game is in the exploration of creative kissing. Have you ever swept your eyelashes past your lover's cheek before a kiss to offer a Butterfly Kiss? Or taped your mouth shut and begged to be released in order to give your lover a hostage kiss? Now's your chance to learn 36 new ways to kiss your lover while also engaging in intimate foreplay and adventurous fantasy affair /lt;br /Game includes: 1 17 in. game board, 36 Fantasy Affair Cards, 36 Creative Kiss Cards, 104 Heart Cards, 10 Heart Tokens, 2 game markers, 1 die, and game rules in both English and in Spanish./p

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