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Pocket Dungeon Kit from Pocket Dungeon. Key components to having a good SM scene. The Pocket Dungeon: For the Erotic Adventurer. Pocket Dungeon features a top grade, napa leather case, chock filled with essentials, for all of your erotic adventures. Pocket dungeon quality kit gives you all the tools, toys and techniques to take you to any destination on your journey. Through combination of fantasy play, creative trust building, and the release of adrenaline and endorphins, you and your partner are in for an intense roller coaster ride leading to a lovely state of euphoria and arousal. The Pocket Dungeon and all its toys were developed, designed and patented exclusively by Ming, who is a fellow fun loving erotic adventurer, who encourages you to Play Deep and Play Daring! Included in your Pocket Dungeon: Ms. Ming's Benyi Jou: This is the most unique and versatile tool in your Pocket Dungeon arsenal. The Benyi Jou is a patented, telescoping, multiple sensation toy. The Benyi Jou allows you to play delightfully or devilishly with its multiple attachments, which include: Cane: Tuck the poles in to each other to increase the weight for more options in sensations go from light sting, to heavy thud. Riding Crop: Slide the pole into the tube at the bottom of the leather crop tip attachment for lots of fun with your pony or princess. Ball Chain Flogger six 4 inches stainless steel falls of sensuous chain. Leather Flogger six 5 inches soft suede tendrils of luscious leather. Benyi Bull Whip: 20 inches Adjustable leather fall with a 5 inches nylon cracker. 5 pocket leather Inner case: To keep all the all Benyi bits organized. Two Cotter Cuffs: Very comfortable adjustable leather cuffs that when secured with the cotter buttons allow you to attach wrists to each other or to the door jams. The cotter cuffs come with two options for securing: padlocks or carabineers. Two Door Jams: Leather straps with D-rings attached, to secure your lover to a door frame and allows their body to become your canvas to play with. Two Light bombers: These flashlights have been included to keep the door jams in any door, and to give you light options of red and white. Blindfold: You have the option of eyes open or closed with this custom designed, cushioned, leather blindfold. Keep your lover in a pleasurable state of darkness and/or piqued anticipation! Five Claws adjustable 5 stainless steel claws slip easily on the fingertips leaving your finger flesh exposed. Now your play can range from loving strokes to lightning strikes! <br /><br />Pocket Dungeon Kit includes: Riding Crop, Blindfold, Door Jams/Flashlights, Cuffs, Padlocks, Nipple Clamps, Claws, Bandeau, Knife, Leather Flogger, Ball Chain Flogger, Whip, Cane, Rope, Kubaton.

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